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Ian and Diane Fisher – R & W Campbelltown

[ August 8th, 2011 | Photography by Pat Milmlow ]

From:The Fishers


Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 8:57 AM

Subject: Att: Matthew Laverty

Hello Matthew,

As arranged , Pat from Absolute Images photographed our home yesterday. She was somewhat reluctant to send us the pictures because she had been engaged by R&W and not us , but I assured her that you would not mind us having a look.

Now that we have had a look , let us say that the photos are SENSATIONAL . Patty was with us for a good couple of hours and took heaps of photos, determined to get the ” moneyshot ” ( her phrase not ours – sounds a bit like a porno movie ). She is a really nice lady and was happy to listen to our ideas and even use one in the shots. The house looks great, and we reckon that you should get heaps of interest once it hits the net.

From our point of view the photos beat anything the we have seen on the net and it appears to be a brilliant business decision to engage a professional photographer. Patty may just have produced the photos that will get lots of folks through the door and allow you to extract a great selling price.

Great photographer – highly recommended.

Ian and Diane Fisher

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