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Annette Katona … Wattle Grove

[ August 8th, 2011 | Photography by Pat Milmlow ]
Wow! Pat you’re amazing! I thank you so very much. I am thrilled with the photographic images of my house you’ve just done. I called on you Saturday afternoon, feeling overwhelmed with it all – and you dropped everything and came straight over. That was really something, I’ll never forget. I was so impressed with how you methodically shot each room, knowing exactly what should be removed, to get the best results.

I’m more than happy to write this testimonial to recommend you. No sooner had you done the shots, you had them edited and up on your website, and Facebook with my permission, and you even came back the next day – Sunday – to redo the outdoor shots so we could put up the maroon outdoor umbrella, and unhook the retractible clothesline. That wasn’t any trouble to re edit and replace photos, even though you thought you’d finished them.

This all happened yesterday afternoon, and today I’ve just collected the disc from you and completed the transaction. Money well spent. I’m astounded how thorough, fast, and professional you are Pat. I thoroughly recommend your services to anyone else considering having a professional photo shoot done of their home. It’s well worth it to get the best results on internet and advertising. I look forward to getting Top Dollar for my property. It was cute hearing you talk about the “Money Shots” which you feel are the master bedroom, and the loungeroom with fireplace & raked ceilings.

All the best Pat with your continuing successful business and good luck with the Preschool portraiture as well.
You’ve been a terrific  friend and neighbour since I’ve lived here. Thanks to Facebook – I won’t really miss you, when I’m gone. We are only ever a click away from our mates, aren’t we? All the best mate, as you would say.
Best wishes, and love
Annette Katona – Wattle Grove, NSW

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